About Me

Want to know more about me? Well, if you want to know me, you must know that I love music.  Classic Rock to be specific, such as my favorite – The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, Tom Petty, Queen.  Really, there’s too many to list.  There’s nothing better than listening to a great live performance of classic rock music! I also like current pop, such as my favorite – Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, and Adele.  I DON’T like country – blech! Maybe if I knew how to dance to it?? I love to sing in the car, although I can’t sing well.  I’m not just saying that…I really can’t.  I also love to dance! Again, can’t do it well, but who cares?! I don’t know how to dance with a partner, because my husband DOESN’T like to dance, but I like to get out there and just move and have fun! My favorite birthday EVER was my 49th, when I pushed the furniture against the wall, put up a disco ball, and danced the night away with family and friends.  It was great!  I also love my Zumba class!

I taught elementary and middle school math for 15 years, then was a campus Instructional Specialist for a year, then an Assistant Principal for 3 years.  That was my least favorite job ever – everyone needs to be nicer to their APs.  They do a lot of crappy stuff for very little appreciation.  I’ve been a Curriculum Coordinator for 7 years.  I love my job! What’s a Curriculum Coordinator you may ask? I serve teachers – the greatest people in the world! I help with a scope and sequence, testing, lessons, teaching ideas, training, etc.  Whatever my teachers might need I try to provide!  In my spare time, I like to create educational lessons and activities.  Is it appropriate to say here that I sell my intellectual work on TeacherPayTeachers?  You can visit my store, The Curriculum Girl, to  check out my work at: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/The-Curriculum-Girl

I also love to read.  My favorite book series? OUTLANDER! OHMYGOSH I love that book series so much and have read it through 4 times, enjoying each read through just as much as the first.  Outlander got me started on Historical Fiction, and that’s now my favorite.  Nothing is better than crawling into bed and reading before drifting off to sleep!