Day 31

I weighed today! I lost 6 1/2 pounds over 30 days.  I went from 160.0 to 153.5 pounds.   i did lose with some body measurements : waist (same: 30-30), hips (loss: 39 -37), bottom (loss: 42-40), thigh (loss: 25-23.5) and  arm (same: 11-11).  This looks typical, since I’m a pear shape.  I have noticed the looseness in my jeans in my hips, bottom and thighs.  I don’t have to “readjust” my jeans over my muffin-top! 🙂

My husband has lost 11 pounds.  He didn’t measure at the beginning, but his “gut” has gotten noticeably smaller.

So, are you wondering about all his old favorites at Taco Casa my husband  wanted to eat yesterday?  Well, he’s had diarrhea today! Now that’s your body sending a signal! I talked to him about it, and I told him the problem is we don’t know if it’s the cheese, the corn, the beans or the bread.  He had all four – not to mention probably sugar in the taco meat or taco sauce. I tried to just add the corn taco shells. It was a good learning experience.  I told him he was going to have to work to only have one thing “off plan” at a time to figure out what was bothering him.

Today, back on plan.  Breakfast was compliant, and dinner is compliant pot roast and vegetables.  I may add brown rice.  He’s dying for some rice!

Whole30 has really helped me to make some lifestyle changes.

!) Don’t go to the grocery store without meals planned for the week.  It is essential to have the ingredients you need on hand to make healthy meals every night.

2) At the grocery store, the last two weeks, we’ve had all fresh fruit, vegetables and meat and one small bag of canned or jarred items.  Those items are usually jarred green olives or canned tomatoes.  I think that’s the key…eat whole foods!

3) Make smart choices when eating out. There may be some things that aren’t Whole30 – you don’t know if there’s hidden sugars or soys.  But, order the best you can to Whole30 and watch how your body feels afterwards.

4) Know there are some things you’ll eat that aren’t Whole30 approved, but eat those in moderation.  For instance, regular sugar-free bacon sucks.  I really like the turkey bacon alternative, but sometimes bacon is just good.  So, eat it occasionally.  See how your body feels, then go back to Whole30.

So, moving forward, I think today’s quote is perfect.  IT’S THE COURAGE TO CONTINUE THAT COUNTS! Being for-the-most-part successful on this trek is not the final destination…it’s the beginning of a life-changing journey!



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