Day 28

On track for breakfast – fried egg with sugar-free turkey bacon and leftover potato wedges.  Lunch was salad with tuna, tomato and leftover guacamole.  Dinner…

I’m headed out of town  for work tonight.  We’re going to my favorite Mexican restaurant.  28 days is like 30 in February, right.  I think it’s time to try some new things.  Should I stick to just adding corn right now? As in corn tortillas? I can skip the rice and beans and have fajitas with corn chips and corn tortillas.  Then see how I feel as I eat better the next day? That’s all plan approved except the corn!


2 thoughts on “Day 28

  1. You’ve done such a fabulous job sticking to Whole30. I’m super impressed and I have so enjoyed your blog! I am still prepping- yes, can you believe it? I think i’ve been prepping for as long as you’ve been doing it! lol. I’ve made a couple of meals from the book as I’m getting ready- 2 trips to the grocery store so far. Tonight we had ground turkey over cauliflower rice. It was ok. Last night, we had the pot roast, and it was delicious.


    1. Thank you, Margaret! I think prepping is great Start getting your feet wet and make sure you’re ready to take the plunge.
      The prepping is hard because it’s expensive. There were a lot of little things to purchase. But, I had to remember that I also wasn’t eating out. The last weeks were much cheaper than the first two weeks.

      Some tips:
      As for cauliflower rice, my husband likes me to buy the pre-packaged cauliflower crumbles and just saute them in a little olive oil. That has been his favorite “rice” substitute of all the recipes I’ve tried.

      We ate a lot of beef, which probably isn’t the best, but I knew my husband is a meat-and-rice guy, so I had to start with things he liked. I think that was a smart start. Plan meals around meats you like first. and focus on the side dishes. After I had a repertoire of side dishes (which ended up being oven-roasted vegetables for me), I got more experimental in the main dishes.

      Keep spices handy. I have olive oil with a pouring tip. I keep a baggie of 1 cup coarse sea salt, 1/4 cup course black pepper and 1/4 cup garlic powder in my cabinet by the stove. That is my go-to for all my oven-roasted veggies. Drizzle with oil, sprinkle with the seasoning mixture. Easy and delish!

      Make it public. You’re my only follower, but the blog helped keep myself accountable, and maybe I encouraged you along the way! It was a win-win!

      Best of luck as you begin your journey!


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