Day 26

So, Day 26 was a bit like Day 31.  I was on track for breakfast: fried eggs and sugar-free turkey bacon.  I was on track for lunch-chicken salad with homemade mayo on lettuce boats.  That evening, I went to see a lecture downtown, so I met my son and niece at PF Chang.  It’s pretty hard to find something on the plan at PF Chang.  I got eggplant, and we ordered orange peel chicken and beef lo mein.

First, let me say the food was not good. I’ve eaten there many times.  Either it has gone downhill (as the prices have gone way uphill!), or maybe I’m used to whole food goodness now? I had noodles in the lo mein and a little brown rice.  I’m sure the sauces had sugar, soy and who knows what else.  So, I was off plan.

So, I’m supposed to listen to my body after eating that stuff.  I didn’t notice anything like feeling bloating, nausea, bladder pain, cramps, etc.  The only thing I noticed is I got really stressed out the next day.  I’ve been pretty steady on my energy level and stress level.  Can food make you stress out easier? Not sure…



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