Day 25

Here we are! Day 25! We can pick a food to reintroduce in just 5 days!! What will it be?? Pizza has so many bad things – bread, cheese, processed meat, sweetened sauce – can I try it?? Or should I start with just one thing…a donut?? Can you tell I’m missing bread?

So, anyone out there who might read this…how to do maintain this lifestyle change of eating habits while giving yourself permission to occasionally eat things that aren’t that good for you.  I realize you start with one thing, try it, go back to the plan, and see how you feel.  But, once you find trigger foods, how often can you cheat and eat the bad things that don’t bother you?  I like numbers…like once every three days…pick a day and make it worth the cheat? What are your tips?

Today, breakfast was again better with my sugar-free turkey bacon.  Yes!! Lunch was asparagus and sweet potato wedges.  Dinner was ground beef spaghetti sauce over spaghetti squash.  Easy!

I had more energy tonight at Zumba than yesterday.  Not sure what was up yesterday!



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