Day 19

Recap of today:  Tried something different for breakfast – ratatouille with an egg on top.  I was hoping it would taste a little like the hot Korean soup where they break a raw egg in it.  It did! Lunch was chicken salad on lettuce boats.  But, for dinner, I found a keeper!  Jalapeno Turkey Burgers from with oven-roasted sweet potato fries.  These were great! I made the guacamole and fried egg to go on top.  The only thing I changed is adding two chopped jalapenos to the ground turkey.  My ground turkey was a bit “mushy” and wanted to fall apart when cooking.  Next time I might add an egg to hold it together.  But, the taste was great! My husband and I both loved this!

What was a success today?  Last day in the teens!

What was a challenge today?  Finding a substitute for eggs at breakfast.  I’m going to have the leftover turkey burger tomorrow morning!

How am I feeling physically today?  Great! Mentally and physically.  And my clothes are fitting better! Yay!


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