Day 17 – Football Playoff Sunday

Recap of today:  Sugar free bacon (from local butcher), oven-roasted hash browns, fried eggs for breakfast.  Lunch was great! I found a new recipe – Whole30 Mango Chicken with Coconut Rice – from  It was GREAT with an Asian taste I have been missing.  I used coconut flour instead of tapioca flour and fresh mango chunks instead of the mango juice (because I couldn’t find any without added sugar). The only thing I might do differently next time is blend up the mangoes chunks before adding them to the ginger, garlic and habaneros.  The combination of cauliflower and unsweetened coconut in the “rice” was delicious.  This is a winner! Leftovers for dinner! (I’m even rhyming I’m so happy!)

What was a success today?  I found a great recipe!

What was a challenge today?  Football and no fried/salty/sweet snack foods.  Instead, I had nuts and carrots dipped in Whole30 ranch.  (Yes, the ranch is pretty good.)  I just might reach my 30 days before Superbowl!

Anything else interesting today?  I’m not craving sweets as much as I am bread!  Who knew there were soooo many tempting pizza commercials!



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