Day 16

Recap of today:  Sugar free pork sausage (from local butcher, oven-roasted hash browns, fried eggs for breakfast.  Sautéed mustard greens for lunch.  Leftover meatball-vegetable soup for dinner with oven-roasted potatoes.

What was a success today?  I notice my pants are looser and the stomach bulge/muffin top has decreased! Yay! (Still haven’t weighed myself, though.  I’m following The Rules.)

What was a challenge today?  I tried the Whole30 ketchup recipe.  Blech.  Sweetening with apple cider just made it taste like apples.  We find using hot sauce is a better option.  Also, although The Book says we can have white potatoes, I’ve got to get back to sweet potatoes or turnips.  I’m finding I’m making them too often.

Anything else interesting today?  I’m getting into the “meat with oven-roasted veggies on the side” rut.  I’m going to look up some recipes on the internet and try some new things next week.



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