Day 11

Recap of today:  Breakfast of eggs scrambled with kale and turkey with oven-roasted gold potato wedges.  Since we can’t have ketchup (and I haven’t make The Book’s recipe), my husband found dipping the potato wedges in hot sauce (no sugar) was tasty! Lunch was snacking on leftovers and nuts.  For dinner, we had smoked baby back ribs, sweet potato wedges, cauliflower rice, coleslaw and deviled eggs. (Forgot to take a picture.  That’s an internet picture.)

What was a success today?  I made a “southern” dinner with no sugar! I used the rib rub (Pg. 256), but added 1 tsp. cayenne pepper.  I also found a Paleo sugar-free coleslaw dressing online that was tasty.  Where normally coleslaw is sweet, this had a vinegary-mayo dressing.  My mom added apples to her leftovers and said that gave it a nice sweetness.  I’ll have to try that.

What was a challenge today?  The first time I made mayo, it worked perfectly.  The second time (today), it never emulsified.  I think the olive oil was cold (it was in the pantry where there is no heating and we’re in a cold spell here), and the egg and lemon could have been left out longer, too, to warm up more.  That’s all I can figure went wrong.  Wasted a lot of olive oil!

How am I feeling physically today?  Great Zumba workout today, although I seemed extra-tired afterwards for an hour or so

Anything else interesting today?  We’ve had people over for dinner the past two weekends, and it has gone well.  We’ve made all our compliant meals and skipped dessert.  Yay!


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