Recap of today:  Pretty ordinary breakfast and lunch.  Eggs and potatoes then leftover chili.  I tried to make something special for dinner.  Halibut with citrus-ginger glaze (pg 240), yellow and red beets, beet greens and oven-roasted broccoli.  The picture for the halibut looked scrumptious in The Book.  I followed the recipe “to a T” for the halibut glaze.  However, it was so overpoweringly lemony that the halibut was almost inedible.  And halibut is such a good, forgiving fish! I was bummed I ruined my $16 halibut.  This is the first recipe in The Book to get an F.

What was a success today?  We haven’t had sugar, grains, dairy, soy, legumes, or alcohol in 10 days!  Additionally, as we were grocery shopping today, my husband was reading labels looking for hidden sugar with me.  Yay!

 What was a challenge today?  Ruining my halibut.

How am I feeling physically today?  I’ve really felt great all the way through.  I didn’t have the bad feeling The Book reported, but I ate pretty good before going on the Whole30.  My husband, however, had the flu-like, low energy feeling.  He seems to be getting over it.



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