Day 7 – One week!!

Recap of today:  We’ve made it a week! Yay! Breakfast of sugar-free bacon and fried egg, lunch of stir fried turnip greens, leftover shrimp & cauliflower, and lunch of Shepherd’s Pie (pg. 350) and salad.  The shepherd’s pie recipe had a bit too much oregano for my liking, and I added ½ a can of Rotel tomatoes which were a nice addition.  Knowing how good it is with white mashed potatoes on top, the sweet potatoes were definitely different.  Not bad, but not delicious.  Overall, B- on dinner.

What was a success today?  The good news – We found sugar-free bacon at our local butcher shop.

What was a challenge today?  The bad news – the bacon didn’t taste that good.  I guess sugar is in bacon for a reason.

How am I feeling physically today?  Great! Second day this week for Zumba after work!



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