Beginning my journey…

Ok…my first post on my journey.  What journey you may ask?

How it began: Last summer, a friend of mine, Pami, posted food she was eating on The Whole30 Program. I was intrigued and started reading about it online.  I then ordered the Whole30 book, The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to TOTAL HEALTH and FOOD FREEDOM, and I wanted to begin immediately.  But, the holidays were approaching, and The Book advised that I wait until after.  Good advice…I never would have made it.  But, it’s December 29th and time to get going!

Why and I making this journey?  I’m starting The Whole30 Program because I want to feel better.  About 15 years ago I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, which basically causes abdominal pain and bladder discomfort.  After 6 years on medication, slowing decreasing the dosage, I was able to get off the medication and I felt great.  However, during the last few months, the symptoms have been reoccurring.  So, I thought I would take 30 days to eat a whole, healthy diet.  Then, I hope to slowing reintroduce foods and see what bothers me.  However, I already know some foods that are whole and healthy and not good for me in large doses…like strawberries, apples, oranges, and mangos.  I have to eat those in moderation.

Additionally, I hope to be an influence on my husband.  He really needs the program. He suffers from fibromyalsia and lives in almost constant pain.  He also a slave to the Sugar Dragon.  So, if he’s not willing to join me right now, maybe eating some of the meals together will motivate him to join me in the future or at least make him eat healthier.

Why start a blog? The Book says that participants are more like to stick with the program if they make their journey public.  I want to stick with it, so here’s to making it public! I don’t know if anyone will actually see this, but I’m doing it for myself, so that’s OK.

Who am I?  I am 52 years old.  I’m a wife of 33 years and mother of three.  I’m 5’8″ and as of today, weigh exactly 160.0 pounds and I’m a size 10.  There. I did it.  Now, the Book says don’t weight or measure myself again until after the 30 days.  We’ll see if there’s any changes.  I’m OK if there’s not, I’m doing this for health more than looks, but that would sure be an added bonus!

My role model:  My sister-in-law, Gamze, is my role model on how to eat healthy. She is a “natural” whole foods eater and has a rockin’ body to prove it.  She encouraged me to start this journey, so here I go!


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